signesEurope is no longer a dream. Rather to the contrary, Europe is over time increasingly perceived as a constraint or to some even as a threat.

The proposals of the Euro2030 Group attempt to redefine the basis for a new European social contract, while offering a multidimensional overhaul of Europe which is capable of strengthening it in order to face the challenges resulting from globalization.

  1. Our call

    While it remains the most relevant level to act in many areas, Europe does not live up to its promise. This is the message that we, young professionals – originating from various European countries and active in European affairs – wish to convey through a series of proposals that we deem essential to restore the very meaning of the European project.

    Our call

  2. Our 50 proposals to reform Europe

    Extending and deepening the works of the German group Glienicker and of the French group Eiffel, we bring proposals to the attention of citizens as well as national and European policy-makers. We have made the deliberate choice of listing up fifty proposals, because we believe that political statements now need to be backed by concrete proposals.

    Our 50 proposals

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  4. Our call and 50 proposals in PDF format

  5. Our proposal for a True European Investment Fund

    The threat of a deflation spiral in Europe is calling for immediate action to support demand and boost public/private investment. While the announcement made in July 2014 by Jean-Claude Juncker, the new Commission President, to inject€ 300 bn in the European economy has raised expectations, it remains unclear how such funds will be mobilised. Against this pressing background, we suggest the creation of a true European Investment Fund, in order to operationally flesh out the future Commission’s investment plan.

    The proposal

  6. Our proposal for a True European Investment Fund in PDF format