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    12 May 2014

    AFP (Agence France Presse)

    Young diplomats keep the faith, but want change

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  2. logo FRS
    12 May 2014

    Robert Schuman Foundation

    Euro2030 group: eurocrats for a political Euro-Union

    See the Robert Schuman Foundation's website on European Parliament elections

  3. Logo Mediapart 2
    12 May 2014

    Ludovic Lamant

    'Europe isn't working' admit young Brussels bureaucrats as they call for greater union

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  4. Logo Le Soir
    12 May 2014

    Jurek Kuczkiewicz

    Des «initiés» appellent à un nouveau souffle européen

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  5. logo-Groupe Eiffel

    14 February 2014

    The Eiffel Europe Group

    For a Euro Community

    The Manifesto of the Eiffel Europe Group

  6. Bruegel

    18 October 2013

    Glienicker Gruppe

    Towards a Euro Union

    The Manifesto of the Glienicker Group

  7. Logo manifeste pour une union politique de l'euro

    16 February 2014

    Florence Autret et alii

    Manifesto for a euro political union

    The Manifesto

Publication of the proposals of the Euro2030 Group:

12 May 2014