Euro2030 - Who are we?

We are advisors to European leaders, advisors in national permanent representations to the European Union, parliamentary assistants, officials from European institutions, European affairs professionals in the private sector in Brussels. We are young, but with an accute experience of the internal functioning of the European Union. As 'Eurocrats', European affairs are our field of expertise, but we do not lose sight of the political realities. We are all writing in our personal capacity and we do not commit our respective institutions or companies.

We are apolitical: we do not support any political party as a group (although some of our members are part of various political parties).

Our objective is to stir a much needed debate on Europe, to propose a vision and concrete steps forward, taking into account political realities and the existing setup. In short, we want an ambitious Europe. We want to wake up national political parties so that they take part in this debate. Europe is above all a political project and as such it must be at the heart of the democratic debate.